Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Untold Story of a Pregnant Muslim Woman Killed in a German Courtroom

"Dr. Marwa Al-Sarbini, a medica doctor and a pharmaceutical stab 18 times by a jobless in front of the judge in the court room in Germany. His husband was shot by police for protecting her".

Untold Story of a Pregnant Muslim Woman Killed in a German Courtroom
Extracts from a
facebook group dedicated to her.

…Today I will tell u the story of an honoured woman who was proud of her religion to such an extent that she had to give away her life for that. Her name is Dr. Marwa Al Sharbini. She was 32 years old, 3 months pregnant Egyptian woman and a pharmaceutical. She lived in Germany She was married and she had a cute son aged 3 years. She was stabbed 18 times by a German in the courtroom. This incident happened in 1st of July in Dresdane of Germany.

The beginning of this was less than 1 year ago when her son was playing in park and a 28 years old unemployed German named Alex stopped her son. So she went ahead to defend her son. Alex then called her terrorist and tried to remove her hijab forcefully. She filed a lawsuit before German courts.

Alex was fined 750 euros in compensation. Alex wanted to take revenge. so he appealed in court and in the court he stabbed sister Marwa 18 times in front of Judge and police. when her husband went ahead to protect ahead, the police shot her husband instead of that savage(Alex). She became Shaheedah(Martyr) and her husband’s situation is now critical.

This happened in one of the civilized(!) countries of the west where an oppressed justice seeker woman gets killed in the courtroom because of representing her belief.

Unfortunately this incident couldn’t gain the needed value to be presented in BBC, CNN, ABC, Fox News and all other western media(!). The double standard of western media has been exposed by this. I request my brothers to take lessons from this incident and to wake up. I also request my sisters to take lessons from her and to firm your faith like her. We will never forget u, our sister. You will remain our inspiration in the way our struggle.

- In the memory of Shaheedatul Hijab (Martyr of Hijab) Sister Marwa Al Sharbini
Somewhere under all the other important stories like the real father of MJ’s daughter and story of a small ice ball falling from a plane. I managed to find this
: Pregnant Muslim Woman Killed in German Courtroom

It’s worth remembering how the Dubai court was criticised for arresting those two British for having sex on the beach. Remember all the TV channels, newspaper headlines, so I guess the story of two law disobeying people is far more important than killing of an innocent pregnant Muslim woman. Talk about double standard.

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